Spyware Cleaner

Even the most careful Mac users can accidentally fall victim to spyware. Use our app to clean up your Mac today in a few simple steps.

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Don’t Let Spyware Bloat Your Mac

Once installed, Spyware can be difficult to remove. Our Spyware Cleaner takes care of the hassle and cleans up your Mac.

Spyware Detection

Our advanced spyware engine detects if a Mac has spyware or bugging software installed.

Quick Results

Find out whether your Mac has spyware in under two minutes.

Easy Of Use

Our powerful application is simple to use and allows anyone to scan their Mac for malicious software.

Find Tracking Apps

Find out if you have a known tracking app installed. Review the apps that can access your location, microphone or camera.

Webcam Security

Some spyware can turn on your webcam without your knowledge. Our app monitors and prevents apps that try to do this.

Privacy Protection

Securely remove files that are maliciously tracking your computer usage and location.

How It Works


Ready to start protecting your Mac the proper way?