Adware Cleaner

Once installed, adware can be difficult to remove. Save time by using our Adware Cleaner app to clean up your Mac today.

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Take Back Your Mac

No-one wants adware on their Mac. Our easy-to-use app makes it simple to get rid of adware.

  • Scan

    Scan your Mac for unwanted adware.

  • Detect

    Identify any adware on your system.

  • Clean

    Remove the malicious software in a few clicks.

  • Back To Work

    Enjoy your Mac working as normal again.

How It Works

Clean Your Mac Today

Our app makes it so easy to clean your Mac, there’s no reason to suffer an infected machine.

Remove Adware & Pop-Ups

Our app will detect and remove adware and pop–ups from your system.

Quick Results

Find out whether your Mac has spyware in under two minutes.

Easy Of Use

Our powerful application is simple to use and allows anyone to scan their Mac for malicious software.

Browse the Web Safely

Browse the internet without the worry of malicious software infecting your Mac.

Removes MacKeeper

If your Mac has MacKeeper installed, our app will remove it with a few clicks.

Detailed Reports

Our app gives you detailed information about what has been installed and where.

Try It Or Buy It

Try Adware Cleaner for 30 days or purchase a license to get your first year underway.