How to Remove Glims

What is Glims?
Glims is not your typical adware. It is actually a set of browser enhancements for Safari that has been around for a while, and has always been free. The developers recently decided to add advertising features as a means of paying for development. This feature is clearly identified, and there is a preference that allows ads to be dialed down or even turned entirely off.

How to remove Glims?
Scan your computer with Adware Cleaner for Mac. Adware Cleaner will free your computer from annoying adware, malicious hijacker programs and unwanted toolbars.

How to manually remove Glims?
My recommendation would be to use the Glims uninstaller. However, if you like Glims, you could also simply turn off the ads by choosing Preferences from the Safari menu, then clicking the Glims icon on the right side of the icon bar at the top of the window, then clicking Ads/Shopping in the list. Set the advertising settings as you like there.